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Your Future State House Representative for D90

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It’s time to start electing people who are in-touch with the people they serve. We need elected officials that work across party lines to complete objectives that best serve the community and State.  Our community deserves transparency, and someone that fights for our pockets, children, businesses and economy, and I am committed to doing all of that.  


I am not a career politician, and I have spent most of my life working hard, building a business from scratch and giving back by volunteering in the community. I am not the conventional businessman. I am proof that the American Dream is possible through hard work and perseverance. I have experienced the threat of failure and losing my possessions when trying to start a small business. My will to persevere in finding solutions turned failure into triumph. These life experiences have not only benefited me, but I have utilized my experiences and my struggles to give back to others through mentorships, volunteer work and more. 

I firmly believe a life serving others is a life worth living. My dedication to service is a driving factor behind my will to be a Florida State House Representative. I would love the opportunity to work together with people in our local communities and across Florida to see the change Floridians desire and deserve. 




Community Involvement 

Learn more about how Bill's experiences have prepared him to deliver on his priorities:

  • Bill is an experienced and passionate advocate for understanding and supporting those with mental health needs. With his experience as a father who has supported his daughter through her mental health journey, Bill can best advocate from the heart to deliver the necessary changes and resources that our community members need and deserve for their mental well-being. He will work tirelessly to implement solutions that improve both access to mental health care and the affordability of mental health services. Bill recognizes the need and is ready to work collaboratively with public and private agencies to deliver comprehensive awareness, support, and funding for addressing mental health needs across different communities and age groups in Florida. 

  • Bill understands the importance of investing in our youth through education and training. He believes in supporting a multi-faceted approach to serving the individual needs of each student’s interests, abilities, and aspirations. As a tradesman himself, Bill knows firsthand how important trades are to our economy, and he will prioritize the implementation of trades and allied sciences in public schools and other training programs.  As an employer, Bill even created his own internal apprenticeship where his employees would act as trainers to help train workers in various trades from welding, to assembly, painting and more.  For years Bill also partnered with Career Source to support workers in trades. 

  • As the son of a Navy SEAL Veteran, Bill understands the dedication and sacrifices of those serving in our military and believes in supporting those who have served. That is why Bill will advocate for supporting programs, services, and job training opportunities that help veterans in obtaining employment. Recognizing the unique health care and mental health needs of our veterans, Bill will also be a strong voice to ensure that our veterans get the necessary support and services that they deserve. 

    Since a young boy, Bill has admired first responders through the lens of his uncle who has served as a Fire Chief. Bill has a deep appreciation for first responders and the selfless work that they do, often risking their own lives to serve our community. Bill will be a voice for first responders to receive optimal resources needed to support their protection and the safety of our communities. Bill will always prioritize the safety of our communities, schools, and streets.  

    He knows that community safety is achieved in partnership with our first responders. This is why for years Bill has partnered with a retired firefighter and paramedic to help facilitate training courses for community members on the use of a medication called Narcan that can reverse the effects of opioids to prevent the potentially deadly effects of an opioid overdose while waiting for fire rescue and medical professionals to respond to the scene.  

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bill saw a need for the safety of our healthcare heroes and innovatively repurposed part of his business to be able to meet the demands of the pandemic. Despite his business being in a completely unrelated field, Bill worked together with doctors and hospital staff and was able to create a safe product for intubation shielding to meet their safety needs and offer several different designs to their preferences. These helped create a barrier of protection for healthcare workers against infection during what was considered a high-risk procedure for the spread of COVID-19. 

    Bill also stepped up to support first responders by supporting those in the community. He re-purposed the use of a factory to manufacture personal protective equipment (PPE) such as desk and table shields and created a COVID-19 disinfection service. When people were struggling to find hand sanitizer, Bill stepped up and was able to source some in bulk so it could be distributed to the public in need. He also pitched in by handing out safety kits with hand sanitizer to students and those in need in the community. 

    When it comes to making sure first responders are supported, you can count on Bill to step up. 

  • Bill believes strongly in advocating for our seniors so that they can be supported to live at ease as they age. He will fight for the protection of retirees’ pension benefits.  Additionally, with the rising costs of living and inflation driving up costs, there are more and more stories of seniors who are living on fixed incomes having to uproot themselves out of our communities to find more affordable living. Bill recognizes the importance of family and he will work to secure solutions to offering cost-effective housing options, so seniors can allocate their limited resources more efficiently, securing financial peace in their retirement years. Bill recognizes affordable housing as a need of our esteemed seniors who gain a sense of belonging within communities and who may need to remain close to their support networks and familiar environments.  

    For those seniors living in nursing homes and other senior living facilities, Bill will be an advocate fighting to ensure dignified living conditions are upheld with measured regulations to ensure that our seniors are given the highest quality care with the highest safety standards. 

  • As a business owner for thirty years, Bill knows that local businesses are the backbone of our communities. He will work to ensure that Florida maintains a strong economy by supporting businesses and the workforce.  


    Bill is in favor of policies that support employers through tax breaks for those that help create job opportunities by hiring veterans and for those that create apprenticeship programs. He also will seek to remove predatory lenders from Florida and he will seek ways to remove obstacles for businesses that are trying to get started. Bill understands what it takes to start and run a business. As a young teen, Bill helped run his family’s local car mechanic business when his father fell ill, and then later, Bill took over the business. He also knows what it’s like to start from scratch, having later started a new business in a different field that began as a one-man company. Bill faced many struggles including working over twenty hours a day, seven days a week, facing car repossession, and utilities being turned off while trying to make ends meet. Through dedication, hard work, and perseverance, Bill later turned his once one-man business into an established, larger-scale sign production business. 

    Bill has earned decades of experience and he has used his expertise to mentor small business owners through a non-profit organization called SCORE. As a mentor for this non-profit organization, Bill has provided educational classes to potential business owners on the necessities needed when starting a business. For struggling businesses, he has provided mentorship by evaluating business models, financial documents, and business operations and made recommendations to help support the businesses to thrive once again. 

    Although he never ran a franchise business himself, Bill started an initiative to help out those who started businesses in the franchise industry when he noticed that business owners who were trying to start up a franchise were unable to do so because they ran out of money just getting started. They would try to sell their signs back to him because they could no longer proceed with the opening. Bill provided education to franchise prospects on how to properly buy one and advised them on some risks commonly experienced.  Bill also wrote a book called “Is Franchising for U” that included background information and steps to take to be successful in franchising. He then created a second book which was a workbook that new business owners could use at tradeshows as a resource to ascertain important answers on starting franchises.  


    As a business owner, Bill understands the importance of workers that keep our economy thriving. In 2008, when the economy crashed, and during COVID, his company did not lay off employees when many others were doing that. Bill supports measures to help workforce development, job opportunities, and competitive wages. As a tradesman himself, Bill knows firsthand how important trades are to our economy, and he will prioritize the implementation of trades and allied sciences in public schools and other training programs.  

    Bill will be a strong voice and partner for workers, small businesses, business leaders, and non-profit leaders for the betterment of our communities. As a business owner, Bill understands the art of working with multiple stakeholders to achieve success and has a proven track record of creating innovative solutions.  

Learning about our next generation is a valuable tool in preparing our state for the next generation of leaders
  • Present Board Chair of Inspiring My Generation a suicide prevention and mental health foundation

  • Founding Board Member of Junior Achievement of South Florida

  • Has served the YMCA of Broward as the Board Chair and board member for the Parkland branch as well as a board member for the YMCA Broward HQ

  • Past Board Member for Women and Wishes

  • Past Board Member for Parkland Historical Society

  • Has served The Boys & Girls Club Pompano Beach (fed and gave presents to the entire community of parents and children for the holidays)

  • Donated part of the fabrication and installation of the exterior signs to Junior Achievement of South Florida

  • Fundraised for backpacks and supplies for kids back to school drives

  • Collected and donated toys for the Toys for Tots yearly Motorcycle Run

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