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Why Supporting Mental Health Resources is So Important to Me!

My daughter was interviewed on NBC 6 South Florida today to share her mental health recovery journey. As a suicide attempt survivor, she bravely opens up about her experience in hopes of helping others. As a father, I could not be prouder.

Sometimes I think about how 3.5 years ago, I could have lost my little girl and when I see how far she has come, it fills my heart with so much gratitude and joy. I am beyond lucky to have my daughter here with me constantly teaching me more about mental health, support, resources, validation, short-comings, systemic failures, and more.

This is why I am running for office, because now that I know what the issues are, I have to be part of the solution. I never want another father to experience what I experienced. I thank God every day that I still have my little girl to take to lunch, to blow up my phone over the release of a Taylor Swift album, and to watch accomplish her dreams. I want to make sure every father, scratch that, every parent has the same opportunity to watch their kid(s) grow up and chase after their dreams.

You can watch her full interview tonight on NBC 6 South Florida.

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