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Surreptitious Insertion of mRNA Could Be in the U.S. Food Supply RIGHT NOW

"What's happened is, we found out that they're actually already doing this [inserting mRNA in food] in some countries. And because Congress decided to remove the country of origin labels from food products, if they're doing this in China, it's potentially in our food supply," stated attorney Tom Renz.

"We don't know where our food is coming from, but we know that they're able to do it and probably are doing it now in China. They're going to be doing it in the immediate future if they're not already doing it here in the United States. And that's just in meat; we don't know about in vegetables."

If you don't want gene therapy surreptitiously inserted into your food, please share this information far and wide to spread awareness.

To learn more about what you can do and Missouri HB 1169, please follow the link below:

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