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If you have questions, concerns, or other topics you’d like to discuss, my email is always open. Reach out. Let’s work together to build a better future for the next generation.

 We All Share The Same Concerns

Rising Prices and Inflation

Our families are hurting from the unfair tax of inflation. We must find
ways to fight inflation in Broward and Palm Beach County. I will fight to keep taxes low, cut unjust
regulations, solve our supply chain problems, and help families meet their everyday needs.

Community, School and Personal Safety

I will fight to keep our communities, schools and streets safe. We must support
and fully fund law enforcement and first responders. I will work to prohibit defunding the police and for
increased first responder and police training and pay.

Supporting Small Business and Focused on Creating Jobs

We must have a thriving and vibrant Florida economy that creates high quality jobs with
above average living wages. I will work to improve our workforce, diversify Florida’s economy, and
provide the funding for an infrastructure of support for business owners and our workforce.

Quality Education

Every parent and child in Florida must have equal opportunity to quality education.
I will work to increase school funding, lower class size, improve teacher pay, and protect the Florida
Bright Futures Scholarship Program. School safety is a priority and every school must be a safe and
secure learning environment.

Mental Health

We must increase access to mental health care. Many people live with serious mental
illness. It reaches into every class, every neighborhood, and touches every public agency. I will work to
help create awareness and increase funding for new mental-health programs.

Elder Care

30% of Florida’s population is senior citizens and yet we are lacking in care and support. After experiencing the horrendous living conditions when my grandma was in the Nursing Home system, I know how heartbreaking and defeating it can feel to stand by while our government’s funds go elsewhere. As your state senator, I am eager to be part of the change. I will work to protect retirees’ pension benefits, ensure access to affordable housing by protecting the Sadowski fund, and regulate assisted living facilities’ quality of care. All communities should reflect the warm and loving environments our loved ones gave to us when we were kids. These communities must be regulated and inspected to ensure they are safe, comfortable, and prepared for outages, natural disasters, and pandemics.

Women’s Resources

As a father, I believe in offering women access to information, resources, opportunities, and choices to protect themselves. For the past two years, our state government has shot down SB248/HB175, “Learning with Dignity Act,” which would make menstrual products freely available to menstruating females in schools. On average, young girls who cannot afford feminine care products miss 2-5 days of school per month. I will fight to reintroduce and pass the “Learning with Dignity Act” so our young females can go to school without shame. I will also fight for SB660 which grants rape survivors the right to know the location and results of their rape kits, including whether DNA was obtained and if there were matches, in addition to the right to know 60 days before their kit is destroyed and the right to have the kit preserved longer. Furthermore, I will work to increase funding for more nurses to be trained on conducting rape kits as currently due to the low supply of trained nurses, there is a major lack of access to kits allowing continuing offenses of rapists without interference. Women deserve legislation that empowers and supports them not ones that control and scare them.

Protecting Our Environment

I will fight to protect our coasts, springs, rivers, lakes - like
Okeechobee, and other waterways. We must be innovative and find new ways to ensure clean air and
water, maintain our beautiful beaches, protect our natural habitats, and ensure the sustainability of our

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