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A leader who's ready to listen, make an ethical plan, and take action.


Focused on Bringing Our Tax Dollars Back to Our Community

“The future of District 90 requires bold ambition and clear-sighted decision making, with an eye towards fiscal responsibility and smart growth. We must ensure that any plans are realistic, practical, and ethically sound, and that any investments made are in line with the core values of the community.” Bill Reicherter

180K Residents

Looking for the right leader

5 Cities


  • Boynton

  • Delray

  • Gulf Stream

  • Briny Breezes

  • Ocean Ridge

1 Common Goal

To have a pro-active Representative in Tallahassee and the district getting the job done without excuses. 

District 90 map

Community Involvement

Our Supporters

We believe every great leader is a collection of their community!

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