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Your Future State House Representative for D90

Focused on Bringing Our Tax Dollars Back to Our Community

“I am focused on bringing our tax dollars back to our community. The future of District 90 requires bold ambition and clear-sighted decision making, with an eye towards fiscal responsibility and smart growth. We must ensure that any plans are realistic, practical, and ethically sound, and that any investments made are in line with the core values of the community.” Bill Reicherter


It's high time we elected leaders who truly understand the needs of the people they represent. I believe in bridging divides and getting things done for the betterment of our community and state.

Transparency is non-negotiable, and I'm committed to fighting for your interests—whether it's safeguarding your finances, nurturing our children's futures, supporting local businesses, or boosting our economy.

I'm not your typical politician. I've built a business from the ground up and dedicated myself to giving back through community service. The journey wasn't easy; I've faced setbacks and learned valuable lessons along the way. But every challenge only fueled my determination to succeed and help others do the same.

For me, a life of service is a life well-lived. That's why I'm eager to step up as a Florida State House Representative. I'm ready to collaborate with fellow Floridians to bring about the positive change our state deserves.

Let's work together to make Florida an even better place for us all.

Ideas. Actions. Results.

Community Involvement 

Expanded Platform Details:

    • Implementing solutions that improve both access to mental health care and the affordability of mental health services.  

    • Collaborating with public and private agencies to deliver comprehensive awareness, support, and funding for addressing mental health needs across different communities and age groups in Florida. 

    • Supporting the advancement of policies that provide resources and funds to support trade paths and apprenticeships for Florida’s youth.  

    • Supporting policies that safeguard the right to education in learning environments that best aid the individual needs of each child.  

  • ​Veterans:

    •  Helping to channel state and federal resources to our local organizations that serve our veteran community. 

    • Advocating for programs, services, and job training opportunities that support veterans in obtaining employment. 

    First Responders:

    • Advocating for 911 operators to be officially recognized as “first responders” in the state. 

    • Advocating for necessary resources that support those who serve us. 

    • Advocating to ensure dignified living conditions are upheld with measured regulations to ensure that our seniors are given the highest quality care with the highest safety standards. 

    • Supporting and collaborating with local organizations for outreach to ensure seniors are connected to resources they may need. 

    • Advocating for stricter measures and penalties against predatory agents who abuse their role as power of attorney. 

    • Ensuring regulations are working for the right reasons, and do not hinder innovation or healthy competition.  

    • Advocating to remove predatory lenders from Florida. 

    • Seek ways to remove obstacles for businesses that are trying to get started. 

    • Supporting tax breaks for those employers that help create job opportunities by hiring veterans. 

    • Supporting tax breaks for employers that offer apprenticeship programs. 

Learning about our next generation is a valuable tool in preparing our state for the next generation of leaders
  • Present Board member for ChildNet

  • Present Board member of the Palm Beach County Building Division Construction Board of Adjustment and Appeals

  • Present member of the Palm Beach County Zoning Commission 

  • Present Board Chair of Inspiring My Generation a suicide prevention and mental health foundation

  • Founding Board Member of Junior Achievement of South Florida

  • Has served the YMCA of Broward as the Board Chair and board member for the Parkland branch as well as a board member for the YMCA Broward HQ

  • Past Board Member for Women and Wishes

  • Past Board Member for Parkland Historical Society

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