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Whether you are a first time volunteer or have been supporting Republicans for years, we have a place for you to plug into our ongoing efforts. Volunteers are still having conversations with voters and bringing our conservative values to communities across Broward and Palm Beach counties. Let us know a little about you and we'll customize volunteer opportunities specific to you and your talents in areas that you want to serve!


Join Bill’s Brigade... we help build a stronger, safer and healthier communities.  As I prepare to run for office, our team will be focusing on some key areas and looking for passionate volunteers to help us create a more prosperous and productive future in the following areas:
   ✓    Creating Employment Opportunities 
   ✓    Bringing in Higher Paying Companies / Jobs 
   ✓    Community and School Safety
   ✓    Affordable Housing Opportunities 
   ✓    Mental Health Resources
   ✓    Recruiting More Young Adults To Look Into Trades As A Future
   ✓    Exposing Companies Committing  Insurance Fraud, Especially in the Roofing Industry
   ✓    Election Integrity and Proposing New Standards to Tallahassee
If you’re tired of standing by and want to be part of change for a better future, Join Bill’s Brigade and Let’s Get To Work!
Keep up with me & South Florida politics on Political Pulse.
Three former candidates who want to inform voters in South Florida of their elected officials. Featuring "Mo" Hylton, Lynn Su & Myself.
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